About Rizal College Scholarship Program

Creation :

By virtue of SP Ordinance 96-02 

Vision : 

In the coming years, the Rizal College Scholarship Program will be able to provide more scholarship grants to deserving students who will soon emerge as successful Rizaleños. 

Mission : 

The RCSP is established to provide financial assistance to poor but deserving students of Rizal Province to support their aims for attaining quality education under the maxim that "those who have less in life shall have more in law"

Objectives : 

1. Examine, determine and approve the qualifications of applicants for the grant based on the basic requirements; 

2. Hold in trust the funds of the association, for proper distribution that are subject to accounting and auditing rules; 

3. Accept financial assistance and other supports, not only from the government, but also from private industries, organizations and other institutions; 

4. Receive aid/grant from other countries or foreign organizations; 

5. Designate RCSP Scholarship Coordinators for Rizal and Antipolo City school divisions to ensure efficient flow of transactions. 

Privileges :

Every grantee shall be entitled to a full scholarship grants per semester / trimester which can be used for tuition, matriculation and other school fees, miscellaneous fees as well as school allowances that has something to do with education. 

Qualification for Scholarship Applicants:

• Filipino Citizen and a resident of the Province for at least three (3) years;
• Age limit not required;
• Must have grades of 85% of all major subjects like Science, Math, English and Social Studies and must have General Weighted Average of at least 85% on 2nd grading period;
• An annual family income not more than to Php120,000.00;
• Must be of good moral character;
• Must pass the qualifying examination and interview.
• Must be the only scholar in the family during the entire scholarship period.
• Must be an incoming freshman in college.

Requirements for Qualifying Examination :

• Two (2) pcs. 2x2 ID pictures;
• Photocopy of birth/baptismal certificate;
• Photocopy of Form 138, for out-of-school youth;
• Certificate of residency from the barangay;
• Certificate of good moral character from any local executives or school or church;
• Latest ITR/tax Exemption Certificate from BIR or certificate of indigency from barangay.